15 Glimpse into lifestyle of Kerala people through Watercolor paintings by Sunil Linus De


Kerala Watercolor Paintings: Photos and paintings capture scenes and along with them they also capture time. With the ever changing world around us, these watercolor paintings offer a window to the past, or as in this case, the present which will soon be history. Sunil Linus De is an active member in the advertisement world. In the last twenty years he has made great impact in the world of art with his paintings. He was a student of Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts. Here are 15 of his watercolor paintings depicting the village life of Kerala in its various facets, which are fading and making way for urban sprawl. Please proceed.

Bullock Cart Watercolor Painting Sunilbullock cart watercolor painting sunil Girls Boat Watercolor Painting Sunilgirls boat watercolor painting sunil Buffaloes Watercolor Painting Sunilbuffaloes watercolor painting sunil Village Road Watercolor Painting Sunilvillage road watercolor painting sunil Thoroughfare Watercolor Painting Sunilthoroughfare watercolor painting sunil Fishing Watercolor Painting Sunilfishing watercolor painting sunil Coastline Watercolor Painting Sunilcoastline watercolor painting sunil Church Watercolor Painting Sunilchurch watercolor painting sunil Elephants Watercolor Painting Sunilelephants watercolor painting sunil Couple Watercolor Painting Sunilcouple watercolor painting sunil Bus Watercolor Painting Sunilbus watercolor painting sunil Hut Watercolor Painting Sunilhut watercolor painting sunil Kids Playing Watercolor Painting Sunilkids playing watercolor painting sunil Cow Bathing Watercolor Painting Sunilcow bathing watercolor painting sunil Beach Watercolor Painting Sunilbeach watercolor painting sunil

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