The Art of Building 2017 Competition is now open for entries - 20 November 2017


The Chartered Institute of Building is organising Art of Building contest to encourage and showcase the creativity of the industry. This gives an idea of the final interpretation on the work by its users and the pasionate people behind it. The expert judges will first consolidate the photographs in correct catagories and then select the best one to enter the finals. The selected images are then put online for public voting. The grand winners are chosen through public voting. Relevency, composition, focus, lighting and creativity plays major role in judges selection. Public voting begins on 11 December 2017 and the winners will be announced by 30 January 2018.

Deadline : 20 November 2017

Categories :

  • Architecture : This category focuses on the design and style of the built environment.
  • Conservation and Heritage : This category concentrates on the beauty of old buildings and their relevance with the new ones.
  • Human Interaction : This category captures the story of how people interact with buildings.

Art of building contest by roman1-art-of-building-contest-by-roman Art of building contest by ayyoub saba2-art-of-building-contest-by-ayyoub-saba Art of building contest by albena3-art-of-building-contest-by-albena Art of building contest by derek4-art-of-building-contest-by-derek Art of building contest by marco5-art-of-building-contest-by-marco

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