Caricature Exhibition by International Society of Caricature Artists at Cleveland USA - Oct 6 - 22


Loftworks Gallery in partnership with the International Society of Caricature Artists(ISCA) is bringing forth the Sketchbook Heroes : Caricature of Rock Legends. The show includes the work of 16 caricature artists who worked for clients such as - Time Magazine, MAD Magazine, Cartoon Network, Sports Illustrated Kids, Family Guy and more. Artworks of musicians across many eras of rock and roll has been exhibited which is sure to entertain the wide range of rock and roll fans. The exhibition is sure to serve as an introduction to the deeper understanding of caricature according to the organizers.

The caricatures exhibited not only concentrate on the facial features but also the mood, posture, and even color, light and shadow. The personality and the unique nature of the subject is explored along with the visual features through the exaggerations. Featured artists include Glen Ferguson, Tom Richmond, Dom Bianchi and Thomas Fluharty. Though caricature is familiar through amusement parks, zoos or special events the genre needs a deeper understandingof its history and the potential scope of the platform.

Exhibition Dates : October 6, 2017 (opening reception) through October 22, 2017

Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition1-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition2-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by thomas fluharty3-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-thomas-fluharty Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by glenn ferguson4-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-glenn-ferguson Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by don howard5-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-don-howard

Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by tom richmond6-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-tom-richmond Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by don howard7-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-don-howard Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by don howard8-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-don-howard Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by ramones9-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-ramones Sketchbook heroes caricature exhibition by don howard10-sketchbook-heroes-caricature-exhibition-by-don-howard

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