Flame Painter - Best Painting App for ios mobiles and PC


Flame Painter is a new painting tool designed by escape motions. You can create amazing artworks using flame brushes, which produces stunning effects. It has a large collection of brushes and an equal amount of adjustments and settings. You can mix and match so many effects and adjustments to make your artwork unique. According to flame painter, "Flame Painter is a unique paint software that lets you easily create original artworks, light effects, unconventional design or beautiful backgrounds with fantastic procedural brushes. Add flame light effects to your paintings and photos and visually enhance the feeling of the motion with the state-of-art effects.With few strokes and editable vector layers create your own beautifully designed background themes for your artworks". Flame painter is available both on IOS mobiles and in PCs.

Flame Painter for iPad lets you:

• paint original artworks and flame effects
• create your own brushes with dynamic sliders
• mix beautiful colors and gradients
• enjoy a beautiful app design
• paint over pictures from iOS photo gallery
• share your artworks by e-mail and on main social networks
• have fun while unleashing your creativity

Download here for PC :  Flame-painter-3.en.softonic.com
Download for IOS : itunes.apple.com/us/app/flame-painter-for-ipad/id646359559

Watch the Flame Painter Video trailer here

flame painter painting tool italy in acrylic flame painter tool crow flame painter tool winter flame painting tool skull dance flame painting tool bird flame painter tool dragons flame painting tool lady flame painter tool purple lady flame painting tool dragon flame painting tool jellyfish flame painting tool abstarct flame painting tool woman flame painter tool

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Download here for PC :  Flame-painter-3.en.softonic.com
Download for IOS : iTunes.apple.com/us/app/flame-painter-for-ipad/id646359559

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