Hartford Street Art and Graffiti Festival 2017 - July 29-31


Upfest 2017 is a free Street art and Graffiti festival and it's their 24th annual edition. In 2016, out of 700 applicants, 300 artists were chosen to display their live art. Last year many artists from more than 40 countries participated in this festival. Last year artists created massive street murals on shop shutters, walls, boards, double decker bus, subway trains in more than 30 venues and locations all over Bedminster. According to Upfest  website, "Talented artists travel from 30 countries and across the UK to paint live on 30,000sqft of surfaces in front of 35,000 visitors. The affordable art sale, music stages and art workshops round off a visually spectacular weekend".

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Artist registration is due to open on the 1st week of February and will close 28 days later in their official website upfest.co.uk


last year street art entries:

cat street art festival upfest pichiavo zeus upfest street art festival squirrel street art festival upwork angels street art festival upwork cup street art festival upwork lady street art festival upwork lady street art festival upwork lady 3d street art festival upfest

Tickets : Upfest is a FREE festival with all the artists painting for free and volunteers making it happen behind the scenes. No tickets are required but please do buy a programme on site and donate to NACOA.

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