International Character Design and Art Festival - Berlin 2 May 2018


Art & Design Festival : Pictoplasma is an annual event which primarily focuses on illustration, animation film, fine/urban arts, character design and graphic design. It is a great opportunity for artists, designers to share their creativity with the world and also sets the platform for knowledge sharing with lots of influential speakers and workshops. Pictoplasma helps students and emerging artists to jumpstart their careers by connecting them with industry giants like filmmakers, producers every year. This year Pictoplasma 2018 is all set to happen between May 2nd - 6th.

Animation video entries can be sent any time by submitting them on the official website. You can register and fix your spots for the 5 day festival which will take place in Berlin. The entry fees is $360 (290 Euros). Special discounts are available for group of students(10 and above).

Send an email/call for further details:
49 (0)30 4611 2611.

Pictoplasma design festival by jim stolenpictoplasma design festival by jim stolen Pictoplasma design festival by smithepictoplasma design festival by smithe Pictoplasma design festival by smithepictoplasma design festival by smithe Pictoplasma design festival by victor castillopictoplasma design festival by victor castillo

Watch the Animation Video:

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