International Manga Art Contest - Japan 15 June 2018


Art Contest : Manga Illustrations and comic books are a favourite among the japanese. It's the 12th year of the annual manga contest held by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan. Since 2007, the annual manga illustration contest has become popular worldwide. According to the official website,"The Award has been established to honor MANGA artists who contribute to the promotion of MANGA overseas". This contest aims at promoting manga art, so if you are looking to participate in this contest, either the comic illustrator or story writer should be a foreign national. There is no entry fees. Participants can submit one work or a series of work not exceeding 16 pages.


The best manga illustration will receive a gold award and the next three will receive silver award.

The award winners will be invited to Japan for a 10 day tour and will have the opportunity to meet up with top notch japanese artists, publishing companies and so on. The winners will be invited to the award ceremony which will be held in February 2019.

2017's winning Manga Illustration:

Dos aldos award winning maga illustration by guerra diazdos aldos award winning maga illustration by guerra diaz Onibi award winning illustration by atelier sentoonibi award winning illustration by atelier sento Viva eve award winning illustration by rerekina nataliiaviva eve award winning illustration by rerekina nataliia

For More Info, visit manga-award

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