International Street Painting and Florida Chalk Explosion 2017 - 3 April 2017


The 5th annual Palatka Chalk Explosion is calling out to artists of all age groups who have a passion for art and creativity. The festival is all set to happen in April 2017, so if you have a passion for street painting, send your application form before April 3rd 2017. It will be a fun filled day os street painting, live music and many more. It's free for public view, so pack your bags and get set to drench in the chalk explosion.

Check-in for competition artists is from 8-10 AM and judging is at 4 PM. For details regarding the competition contact or call 386-328-8998.

Previous year entries:

space owls chalk art self portrait chalk art bee on orange chalk art faces chalk art 3d reindeer chalk art

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