JIA Illustration Award 2018 - Art Contest entries by 30 June 2018


Illustration: JIA Illustration Award is one of the prestigious awards held annually in Japan to spot the creativity and convening them through awards and cash prizes. JIA illustration contest is sponsored by the Japan Illustrators Association. Participants can submit the illustration through the entry form or through email. The email for contact purpose is compe@jpn-illust.com, ensure you mention how you paid the entry fees and send a receipt of the same. The winners will be notified through email. The jury will take a decision in July and the winning entries will be uploaded in the contest website in August.


  • One winner will receive the Grand Prix Award along with cash prize of 300,000 yen, crystal shield and supplementary prize.
  • One winner will receive the Judge Special prize alongwith cash prize of 100,000 yen, crystal shield and supplementary prize.
  • One winner will receive Holbein Prize, alongwith acryla gouache 102 colors, Certificate of commendation and supplementary prize.
  • Ten artists will receive Excellent Prize award alongwith, Prize money 20,000 yen, Certificate of commendation and supplementary prize.
  • Thirty artists will receive Fine Work Prize alongwith, Certificate of commendation and supplementary prize.

Entry Fee:

Participants can choose to pay the entry fee via Paypal or through bank account. Maximum of 10 images is accepted. If you choose to pay via Paypal, these are the entry fees:

  • 1 image 3,700 yen
  • 2 images 6,900 yen
  • 3 images 10,100 yen
  • 4 images 13,300 yen
  • 5 images 16,500 yen
  • 6 images 19,700 yen
  • 7 images 22,900 ye
  • 8 images 26,100 yen
  • 9 images 29,300 yen
  • 10 images 32,500 yen

If you wish to transfer to bank account, the entry fee is 6,000 yen for the first piece, and 3,000 yen from the second piece include the remittance fee of bank. Participants can send the entry fee to this bank account:

Japan Illustrators' Association
Saving Account 329-1668075

You can submit your illustration entries hereWs.formzu

Temple trip japanese illustration by rob levintemple trip japanese illustration by rob levin Fishes illustration by jia bong liufishes illustration by jia bong liu Assualt illustration by mizuno toshikataassualt illustration by mizuno toshikataDevour illustration by jing wei liudevour illustration by jing wei liu Wdsa illustration by jing wei liuwdsa illustration by jing wei liu Little dag illustration by jing wei liulittle dag illustration by jing wei liu Award winning jia illustration contestaward winning jia illustration contest Award winning illustration by koki nishimuraaward winning illustration by koki nishimura

For More Information, Visit: Jpn-illust.com/english/compe/index.html

For More Information, Visit Official WebsiteIpn-illust.com/english/compe/index.html

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