New Drawing App which is simple and effective for iPad - IOS Sketch App


We have seen the launch of many tools and apps for photography, now there is a new app called 'Pattern' which is a simple drawing tool which can be used by artists using their gestures. Now you can draw lines and shapes with awesome precision, which is sure to reduce the drawing time by atleast a couple of hours, since it does most of the hard bits. Pattern was developed by Andy Chung, who happens to be a former Facebook product designer. There are no high funda brushes or special effects, it mostly focuses on the basic designing like rendering, dot accuracy and so on. You also have edit options and you can add little notes, when you are scaling big drawings.

pattern drawing tool pattern drawing tool pattern drawing tool

Features of the tool :

• Fast and precise gestural shape tool.
• Full Apple Pencil support.
• Four dot grid sizes for more accurate drawing.
• Finger-as-eraser setting for Apple Pencil users.
• Continuous auto-save.
• Full orientation and multitasking support.
• Export to Mail, Photos, Airdrop, iCloud, Dropbox and more.
• Optimized for the iPad Pro.

According to Andrew Chung, "By using gestures to draw, create shapes, and erase, Pattern allows you to spend more time drawing, and less time switching between modes".
Pattern drawing tool is available for the price $ 2.99

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