Participate and Win $29000 at Luxembourg Art Contest - entries by 31 May 2018


Art Contest : 2018 Luxembourg Art Prize Contest is open to all nationalities and it acts as a platform for newbies in the art community to showcase their creativity to possible buyers. It is an amazing opportunity for artists to rediscover themselves and carve an international career, exposure along the way. The contest is for mixed media art and the categories participants can apply are for:

• Drawing
• Printing
• Installation
• Painting
• Performance
• Photography
• Digital art
• Sculpture
• Sound art
• Video
• Mixed media
• Decorative art (textiles and material, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, mosaic, paper, etc.)

Creative artwork by john havertycreative artwork Creative art installation spiderweb by lancelincreative art installation spiderweb Acrylic painting by jarik jongmanacrylic painting Abstract acyrlic painting luxembourg art contestabstract acyrlic painting luxembourg art contest Caricature drawing by lehotay zoltancaricature drawing

The entry fee is $63 (55 EURO) and all artists (Professional/Amateur) irregardless of age can apply for the contest. The deadline for receiving the entries is 31st May 2018. The first prize winner will receive $29,000 (approx 25,000 EURO) and an exhibition of the final product in a well known gallery.

How to Apply?
Artists have to create a Candidate Space on the Luxembourg Art Prize website and complete the entry form on-line. Everything takes place via the Luxembourg Art Prize website. Only entries submitted on-line via the artist’s personal Candidate Space will be accepted. Candidates may update and complete their submissions on-line as many times as necessary until the deadline for submissions.

submit your entries here luxembourgartprize

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