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Painting App : Procreate is a very powerful app for IOS phones and it's easy to sketch and draw on this app with great ease. This app was developed by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd and is a very interesting application. Now it's easy to create awesome paintings and drawings on the go, since it has an easy drawing interface and allows smooth gesture. According to Procreate, "Create a canvas and start painting with any of Procreate’s exclusive dual-texture brushes. Use the immediately responsive smudge tool to perfectly blend colour with any brush in your library. With Procreate’s incredibly high-resolution canvases you can print your artwork at massive sizes. Experience the revolutionary selection, transform, and perspective tools built exclusively for multi touch and finish your illustration with stunning cinema-quality effects. Procreate’s powerful and intuitive interface always puts your art in focus". Procreate has 128 brushes, advanced layer system and has the fastest 65 -bit painting engine on iOS. This painting app is available only in the premium version and costs $5.99

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Highlights of Procreate app

- Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
- Massive Ultra High Definition canvases, up to 16k by 4k on iPad Pro 12.9"
- Powered by Silica: the fastest 64-bit painting engine
- Stunning 64-bit color
- Deliciously responsive 64-bit smudge sampling
- Multi-threaded; optimized for iPad’s multiple cores
- 250 levels of undo and redo
- Continuous auto-save—never lose work again
- Connect a keyboard to use shortcuts for advanced features
- Advanced Quick Menu for rapid interface interaction
- Game-changing dual textured brush system
- 35 customizable settings for every brush
- Create your own custom Procreate brushes
- Organize your brushes into your own custom sets
- Import custom brushes and export your own
- Packed with 128 beautifully made brushes

And many more. To know more about it's features, visit

Download for IOS phones

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