Vikas Joshi Artist in Ludhiana stamp his mark in India Book of Records


Vikas Joshi, a Ludhiana resident, is a passionate artist, and his painting forays in the India Book of Records. He is an investor by profession.  In the lockdown months, Vikas Joshi rediscovered his talent and made use of it in his spare time. It was a hard time for everyone and Joshi constructively used this difficult phase following his passion. The result is his oil painting ‘Parineeti’ has created its way to enter the India Book of Records.  The oil painting took Joshi over five months to complete. It received its recognition. The oil painting depicted a little girl in a sweater and the beauty is in the artist giving it a credible look. His efforts are apparent indicating 4000 knits in the sweater. The pragmatic approach of this painting is that each row and column of the sweater matches.

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