Lexus Car Art Contest announces winners - Decoration with Paper Petals


Any automobile aficionado, especially a Lexus fan, is aware the company promotes its car focusing its design and creativity. It is all about craftsmanship and art.  The Zen Garden is the attraction that infers the Japanese classical meditation garden. It is a masterpiece that won the car design contest among the six other submissions. It was submitted in Valencia, Spain by Clap Studio. Jordi Iranzo and Angela Montagud, the winning artists presented the key qualities of UX’s technology, innovation, design, and detail. Last year, a British tattoo artist showcased, Lexus UX tattooed car. The car tattooing was done using a Dremel drill tool and it took six months to complete.
The automaker Lexus wants people to comprehend the art design of Lexus UX car. The contest winner is Lexus UX, a compact crossover featuring a thousand paper petals. This art winning piece represents the Japanese classical Zen Garden. The significant element in this car design is the use of paper, covering the exterior of the car. The automaker expresses art through his Lexus cars, paving a new way to the car design competition. Lexus embodies harmony and using paper represents Lexus vegetation, a way of giving volume to the car’s exterior.
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