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illustration by esra roise

Esra Roise graduated from the Einar Granum School of Art, and also holds a BA in Visual Communication from The Academy of The Arts in Oslo, Norway. She draws inspiration for her illustrations from normal everyday situations and people, it can be a bad hair day, weird angles, nature, pop culture, awakward moments, fashion industry and so on. Esra...

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animal digital art works by tina

Digital Painting: Digital art by Tina is so much inspired from nature. Her love for animals and art is shown beautifully through her digital painting works. Tina is a digital artist from Norway and her work is quite popular on the social media website. Tina is a freelance digital artists and takes on commission works too. Her favourite animals...

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vexel art

Vector Art works and Drawings : Rudi Gunderson is based from Norway and is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He is quite popular for his funny caricatures of sports celebrities, portrait drawings and funny cartoons. His star of the world cup series featuring the star football players in an icon design is quite popular. Rudi...

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