Hidden Beauty - Hyper Photo Realistic Oil Paintings By Christiane Vleugels


Oil Painting By Christiane Vleugels

These are not photographs, they are hyper realistic oil paintings by Christiane Vleugels. The artist is a photographer and painter. She takes pictures of environments, people, places and if there is an interesting composition, she sketches them by hand and converts them into oil painting on her canvas. All the years of commission work has set her on an unique oil painting track. Every new oil painting is a new experience and challenge which she enjoys. Her zeal for life is her unique strength which portrays beautifully on her oil paintings.

Oil Painting Blue Mania Christiane Vleugels oil painting blue mania christiane vleugels Oil Painting Pink Roses Christiane Vleugels oil painting pink roses christiane vleugels Oil Painting Eva Christiane Vleugels oil painting eva christiane vleugels Oil Painting Flower Girl Christiane Vleugels oil painting flower girl christiane vleugels Oil Painting Vase Christiane Vleugels oil painting vase christiane vleugels Oil Painting Break Free Christiane Vleugels oil painting break free christiane vleugels Oil Painting Medula Christiane Vleugels oil painting medula christiane vleugels Oil Painting Skull Christiane Vleugels oil painting skull christiane vleugels Oil Painting Louise Break Christiane Vleugels oil painting louise break christiane vleugels Oil Painting Sad Man Christiane Vleugels oil painting sad man christiane vleugels Oil Painting Silver Gorilla Christiane Vleugels oil painting silver gorilla christiane vleugels Oil Painting Tiger Christiane Vleugels oil painting tiger christiane vleugels Oil Painting Gorilla Christiane Vleugels oil painting gorilla christiane vleugels Oil Painting Flamingo Christiane Vleugels oil painting flamingo christiane vleugels Oil Painting Apple Christiane Vleugels oil painting apple christiane vleugels

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