Oil Paintings

People and their striking resemblances to the oil paintings by Damian Lechoszest is an interesting watch. These oil paintings were created by the Polish artist Damian Lechoszest. The stunning res...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
These are not photographs, they are hyper realistic oil paintings by Christiane Vleugels. The artist is a photographer and painter. She takes pictures of environments, people, places and if there is a...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Still life oil paintings by artist Eric Wert has left us completely speechless. Beautiful bowls of fruits, flowers and vases with broken flowers are so artistically done.  They look so realistic,...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Paintings: Drew Brophy loves to surf the big waves and enjoys travelling around the world. His love for the surfing and sea has made him an artist. He enjoys doing oil paintings on surf boards and...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings : Joan Pujol is a self taught Canadian artist. He started painting when he was very young. He is well established still life painter who has conducted numerous art e...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Beautiful Paintings : Mischief, pop art and the subtle blend of eroticism, that’s her style. Emma Sheldrake’s oil paintings are as bold as they are beautiful pieces of fine art. They ...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil painting by Arsen Kurbanov: Arsen Kurbanov was born in Mahachkala, Dagestan, which is in Russia. He graduated from Repin Institute in St. Petersburg in 1994. His work is a combination of old maste...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Paintings from An He : An He was born in 1957 in Guangzhou, China.  He was born into an artistic family. He was drawn to the arts at a young age, and was under the tutledge of his father...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Kerala Artist Rajasekharan Parameswaran was born in 1964 and he is portrait painter and well established art film director from Trivandrum. He love to create realistic portrait kerala painting of...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Paintings from Daniel F Gerhartz : Daniel Gerhartz was born in Wisconsin in 1965,  Daniel began his art education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago where he studied in the classi...
Oil PaintingsPaintings

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