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Oil painting: Unleash your creative mind by practising oil painting after gaining inspiration from your peers. In this post we have included 50 Beautiful and realistic oil painting works from around t...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Colourful Oil Paintings : Konstantin Razumov is a russian painter who has impressed art collectors with his impressionist Paintings. Most of his subjects are young females who are dressed in the ...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Paintings by Paul McCormack : Paul McCormack was born in Rahway, New Jersey in 1962. He received his formal art training at DuCret School of the Arts where he later became a faculty member. S...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Paintings: Angela Fraleigh is an artist and professor teaching at Moravian College. Her oil paintings take violence and seduction to a whole new level. Each of these paintings is a display of vivi...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Painting: Mark is a realistic contemporary artist from Montreal. He has conducted numerous exhibitions from 1995 and he is famous for his two dimensional approach to painting. His artwork mai...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Landscape Paintings : The artist quotes “I have always had two fundamental interests in life; art and meditation, both of then intimately related” His passion for these interests manifest ...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Contemporary Paintings : Hailing from central Victoria, Richard Baxter is an Australian artist known for creating visually and spiritually rich paintings. His work spans for more than 30 years. He is ...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Lotus Painting: Jiang Debin is a well known Chinese painter. He has his own studio at Zhuhai where he creates all his paintings. His watercolour paintings are mostly held as private and commercia...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Oil Paintings: Francine Van Hove was born in Paris and she is a contemporary French artist. She completed her degree in fine arts at Lycee Claude Bernard Arts School. Her first solo Oil Painting exhib...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
 American Paintings by Leah Tinari : Leah Tinari is an artist based in New York, NY. Since graduating from RISD in 1999 Tinari has documented her life and friends through photos and painting...
Oil PaintingsPaintings

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