Watercolor paintings: Artist Kimberly is from Russia and her technique is watercolors. Even as a child, Kimberly had an interest for art. She is quite popular in Russia and we hope she shares more of her work internationally, so she can get more recognition for her work. Her portrait watercolor paintings are simply stunning and most of the characters are from books. The guys in her portraits look like princes and they are so damn handsome. With a little bit of...
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Still life oil paintings by artist Eric Wert has left us completely speechless. Beautiful bowls of fruits, flowers and vases with broken flowers are so artistically done.  They look so realistic, one can mistake them for photographs. The dew drops on the freshly plucked fruits adds more grandeur to his still life oil paintings. Eric Wert is an american artist. He graduated in MFA from the Northwestern University of Evanston. He has been showcasing solo...
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A deer lost in the city jungle is one of the amazing paintings by artist David Ambarzumjan. His amazing paintings are layered and we get to taste two different scenes on the same canvas. The artist is stunningly amazing with his brush strokes. This 20 year old German based artist primarily works with oil paints. His recent series of amazing paintings has been themed as " Brushstrokes in Time". It primarily talks about how we humans have spoiled...
Scenery Painting: Jung Hwan is a 1978, born Korean artist, who creates these exceptionally beautiful scenery paintings, which is sure to bring a calming effect on any person. He is well noted artist and one of his paintings known as 'Silent Woods' was sold for a whopping $15,000 in an auction which was held at 2009. Jung Hwan creates these beautiful scenery paintings from the comfort of his studio. When you look at his paintings you get transformed to...
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Miniature paintings: Salavat Fidai is a Russian artist who considers himself an experimental artist in miniature paintings. Being born into a family of artist, it's natural that Salavat Fidai treads on their footsteps. He creates miniature graphite sculptures, miniature paintings on matchboxes and so on. He also tries to replicate famous paintings onto unusual canvases like pumpkin seeds, sunflower, matchboxes and even rice. According to Salavat Fidai, "...
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Surreal paintings canvassing mysterious women, with rabbit ears and disappearing butterflies is norm in Ewa Pronczuk Kuziak's artwork. She is a beautiful artist from Poland, currently living and working from Warsaw. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. Apart from this she also has a degree from Polish Philology. Her surreal paintings have been showcased in Los Angeles, Japan, San Francisco, Australia and many other places. Being a...
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Surreal paintings by August Relliesbis is like a breath of fresh air. Beautiful portraits of women with a tinge of surreality adds glamour to the paintings. Large flowers, galaxies, butterflies are found as buns on the women's portraits. The surreal paintings are a mix of fantasy and delicacy. Most of the subjects are women in the surreal paintings, but none of them possess normal hair, instead they are flowers, houses, creepers and other such elements. She is...
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Watercolor paintings by Elena Efremova is quite breath taking. She creates replicates natural scenaries and historical places in her watercolor paintings. It's indeed a difficult medium to handle, but nothing seems to stop this beautiful and talented artist from achieving her dreams. She is a beautiful artist from Moscow, Russia. She currently works at shutter-stock and painting is her hobby. She is self taught artist, we absolutely love her vibrant and eye...
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Scary and Horror paintings: Christopher Lovell is a surreal artist from UK. He mostly creates surreal artworks for clothing companies and other brand merchandise. Christopher Lovell is a self taught artist who has a keen interest in sci-fi and fantasy and even as a kid, he simply adored them. Most of his inspiration was drawn from sci-fi movies, toys and that spurred his interest in the surreal artworks. According to Christopher Lovell,"Feels his best work has...
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Acrylic paintings by Ben Jeffrey is truly exquisite. The artist is related to the popular artist John Varley. Right from an young age, Ben Jeffrey was interested in art. His grandpa was the biggest support in his family, so he could pursue art. When he was in the secondary school, he decided he wanted to be an artist, since he used to constantly challenge his friends on whose portrait was the best. It didn't come as a surprise when he pursued art in college. He...
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