Illusion oil paintings: Oleg Shuplyak is an Ukrainian artist who creates these magical illusion oil paintings. Oleg Shuplyak was born on September 23, 1967. He graduated from Lviv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in architecture. Even though he had an architecture background, his passion was always in painting. With the architecture knowledge and a passion for art, allows him to create stunning oil paintings, which are a great combination of illusions. You need...
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Watercolor painting: Jongkie is an illustrator/artist from Kota Wisata Batu in Indonesia. His unique style in watercolor paintings has made him popular on many social media sites especially in instagram. According to his website," His unique style is exemplified as a result of him not merely replicating the reference picture he is using but adding his own imagination and signature style which he has named the ‘magic effect’. Jongkie describes his...
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Illusion Painting by Alex Garant: When was the last time you got your eyes checked? Well I'm sure if you have a look at these Illusion paintings by Alex Garant, I'm sure you will be left blurred for sometime. Alex Garant got quite popular on the social media sites through her illusion paintings. She creates beautiful portraits, and adds three or four pairs of eyes to the face and makes it extremely difficult to understand the person's face. Well it'...
Pastel painting: In this post we have included 50 Stunning pastel painting artworks for your inspiration. Pastel painting is done with help of pastel sticks which is made of powdered pigment and a binder. This is the same base used in oil painting as well. Well for starters it’s less messy to work pastels and you get glorious effects just like in oil painting. With pastel paintings you can get stunning rich textures and amazing colours. Pastel paintings are...
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