10 Alluring portrait ballpoint pen drawings by Toni Efer


These are ballpoint pen drawings of some famous celebrities. Artist Toni Efer uses only ballpoint pens to create these realistic portraits of people. Some are portraits of his favourite movie characters. Toni Efer is an amazing illustrator from Warsaw, Poland. He Has been hooked to his drawings from his childhood. He liked to draw whenever he had the free time and all times he had a pen handy and after years of practice, he has even brought realism into his drawings. Have a loot at his drawings, it’s sure to take your breath away. Apart from Ballpoint Pen Drawings, he is also interested in motion design characters. In this post we have included 10 Realistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Toni Efer.

Man Ballpoint Pen Drawing Toniman ballpoint pen drawing toni Men Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonimen ballpoint pen drawing toni Beckett Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonibeckett ballpoint pen drawing toni David Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonidavid ballpoint pen drawing toni Girl Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonigirl ballpoint pen drawing toni Laughing Man Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonilaughing man ballpoint pen drawing toni Old Man Ballpoint Pen Drawing Toniold man ballpoint pen drawing toni Potrait Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonipotrait ballpoint pen drawing toni Smoking Man Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonismoking man ballpoint pen drawing toni Traditional Man Ballpoint Pen Drawing Tonitraditional man ballpoint pen drawing toni

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