20 Beautiful Self Portrait Pencil Drawings By Veri Apriyatno


Pencil Drawings By Veri Apriyatno

Pencil Drawing by Veri Apriyatno: Veri Apriyanto is considered as a contemporary artist from Indonesia. He was born on April 12, 1973 at Jakarta, Indonesia. He received a bachelor's degree in 1998 from the Bandung Institute of Technology. From 2003 he has participated in several solo and group exhibitions. Veri Apriyanto has also written several books on "How to Draw" for beginners. In this post we have added 20 Self Portrait Pencil Drawing By Veri Apriyatno for your inspiration. In Veri Apriyanto's series "Narcis Diagnosis", he explores various emotions, where the artist seems to be drawing several emotions in one portrait drawing. According to Veri Apriyatno,"Different feelings of alienation, loneliness, emptiness and trying to find and identify them to explore more deeply about who I am. Each work represents my feelings at that time which are always changing all the time.Each artwork varies in different sizes and some are measured around 6.5ft by 5ft and it takes him atleast one or two months to complete the project.

Self Anger Pencil Drawing Veriself anger pencil drawing veri Self Art Pencil Drawing Veriself art pencil drawing veri Self Camera Pencil Drawing Veriself camera pencil drawing veri Self Double Side Drawing Pencil Drawing Veriself double side drawing pencil drawing veri Self Beautiful Pencil Drawing Veriself beautiful pencil drawing veri Self Double Side Pencil Drawing Veriself double side pencil drawing veri Self Drawing Pencil Drawing Veri_0self drawing pencil drawing veri_0 Self Drawing Pencil Drawing Veriself drawing pencil drawing veri Self Jumping Pencil Drawing Veriself jumping pencil drawing veri Self More Reaction Pencil Drawing Veriself more reaction pencil drawing veri Self Namaskar Pencil Drawing Veriself namaskar pencil drawing veri Self Pencil Drawing Veriself pencil drawing veri Self Photo Pencil Drawing Veriself photo pencil drawing veri Self Potrait Pencil Drawingself potrait pencil drawing Self Reaction Pencil Drawing Veriself reaction pencil drawing veri Self Surprise Pencil Drawing Veriself surprise pencil drawing veri Self Various Drawing Pencil Drawing Veriself various drawing pencil drawing veri Self Walk Pencil Drawing Veriself walk pencil drawing veri Self Walking Pencil Drawing Veriself walking pencil drawing veri Self Water Pencil Drawing Veriself water pencil drawing veri

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