15 Beautiful and Realistic Nature themed Paintings by Ysable LeMay


Tree Paintings: Ysabel LeMay was born in Quebec and started her work as an art director for many prominent advertising agenices. She also had a passion in fine arts, so she completed a degree in fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art. She devoted her time to painting and conducted many solo art exhibitions in many art galleries and museums. Ysabel LeMay says in her blog, “ By combining her technical graphic art expertise and her passion in painting, she explores the power and divinity of nature through a process photo-fusion”. She mainly paints natural sceneries and tree paintings, her art consists of several minutely detailed photos combined together to create a visual art. Ysabel won the Kiptonart Rising star in 2011 and after that has conducted more than 70 art exhibitions across USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. We have collected 20 amazing Tree Painting and natural beauties of Ysabel LeMay for your inspiration.

Arcadia Tree Paintings Ysabelarcadia tree paintings ysabel Beautiful Flowers Tree Paintings Ysabelbeautiful flowers tree paintings ysabel Beautiful Tree Paintings Ysabelbeautiful tree paintings ysabel Birds Flying Tree Paintings Ysabelbirds flying tree paintings ysabel Birds Tree Paintings Ysabelbirds tree paintings ysabel Bunch Flowers Tree Paintings Ysabelbunch flowers tree paintings ysabel Fruits Tree Paintings Ysabelfruits tree paintings ysabel Intemporel Tree Paintings Ysabelintemporel tree paintings ysabel Lumines Tree Paintings Ysabellumines tree paintings ysabel Metamorphose Tree Paintings Ysabelmetamorphose tree paintings ysabel Nest Tree Paintings Ysabelnest tree paintings ysabel Prelude Tree Paintings Ysabelprelude tree paintings ysabel Cute Flowers Tree Paintings Ysabelcute flowers tree paintings ysabel Summer Nest Tree Paintings Ysabelsummer nest tree paintings ysabel Violet Flower Tree Paintings Ysabelviolet flower tree paintings ysabel

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