Wood Carving is normally done with chisels and wood by artists. There are four different techniques for Wood Carving and each of the techniques use different kinds of tools for creating the sculptures. Whittling is a very old method which has been use for many years. In this technique the knife strokes are visible if you look at the carving closely. Carving in the round: In this technique many different tools like gauges, chisels, knife, blades etc are used to...
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Creative sculpture: John Morris is a British sculptor, who moved to Australia at the very young age of 3. He graduated from the Queensland college of graphic design and worked as a freelance designer, before starting to focus on his wood sculptures. His wood sculptures are very frail and they are a combination of magic and stark reality. He uses leather, brass, stainless steel materials for creating his unique wood sculptures. John Morris was always fascinated by...
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Surreal Sculptures: In this post we have included 20 Creative and Surreal Sculptures by Morgan mutations for your inspiration. Morgan Loebel is popularly known as Morgan mutations as he is a master in creating monsters and surreal sculptures out of polymer clay. He creates surreal sculptures which have real teeth, wrinkles and other gory features which make his sculptures really creepy at times. Imagine having a tiny realistic human heart pendant hanging on your...
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