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Silhouette Photo Manipulations By Abdullah Evindar

Silhouette digital art by Abdullah Evindar is totally worth a watch. Beautiful sunsets, landscapes, nature all muddled up together brings out the best from Abdullah Evindar. In this series, the artist mixes up the silhouette figures under the moon, waiting near a tree or enjoying a scenery. The orange moon is the biggest highlight in this series of digital art. Somehow it brings a sense of calmness to the viewers. He is Turkish artist, who enjoys a tinge of surrealism in his digital artworks. He uses both traditional and digital methods for his digital paintings. Check out more of his works on his social media handles.

Digital Art Birds Fly Abdullah Evindardigital art birds fly abdullah evindar Digital Art Branch Abdullah Evindardigital art branch abdullah evindar Digital Art Colors Abdullah Evindardigital art colors abdullah evindar Digital Art Deer Abdullah Evindardigital art deer abdullah evindar Digital Art Free Birds Abdullah Evindardigital art free birds abdullah evindar Digital Painting Hearts Abdullah Evindardigital painting hearts abdullah evindar Digital Art Heart Tree Abdullah Evindardigital art heart tree abdullah evindar Digital Painting Istanbul Abdullah Evindardigital painting istanbul abdullah evindar Digital Art Lighthouse Abdullah Evindardigital art lighthouse abdullah evindar Digital Painting Passengers Abdullah Evindardigital painting passengers abdullah evindar Digital Art Red Moon Abdullah Evindardigital art red moon abdullah evindar Digital Painting Stargaze Abdullah Evindardigital painting stargaze abdullah evindar Digital Art Sunset Abdullah Evindardigital art sunset abdullah evindar Digital Art Tree Abdullah Evindardigital art tree abdullah evindar Digital Art Under Moon Abdullah Evindardigital art under moon abdullah evindar

Artist Link: Know more about Abdullah Evindar, Instagram


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