10 Beautiful And Colorful Surreal Paintings By Ekaterina Andreeva


Surreal Paintings By Ekaterina Andreeva

Check out these surreal painting artworks. Each one seems to have a unique story of their own. The artist seems to be in a dilemma whether she has to be n the present world or move on to a fantasy land. The amalgamation of the present and fantasy land is the unique factor in her paintings. The vibrant dash of colors seem to throw an aura of mystical sightings. The surrealism is creatively introduced and it kind of reminds us of Sherlock Holmes detective stories. When you seem to have understood the artwork, suddenly a new factor catches your eye and the list of possibilities is endless. Kudos to the Russian artist Ekaterina Andreeva who has kept us guessing the stories through her paintings. 

Painting Artwork Wallpaper Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork wallpaper andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Forest Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork forest andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Bird Flight Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork bird flight andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Broken Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork broken andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Deer Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork deer andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Artic Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork artic andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Birds Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork birds andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Pinwheel Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork pinwheel andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Stingray Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork stingray andreeva ekaterina Painting Artwork Telescope Andreeva Ekaterinapainting artwork telescope andreeva ekaterina

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