10 Vintage theme oriented surreal watercolor paintings by Christina Leta Smith


Watercolor Paintings: Christina Leta Smith is an emerging artist from California who holds a bachelors degree in Visual arts. Christina Leta Smith says in her bio, “ My watercolour paintings are inspired by surrealism, the murky greyscale of vintage portrait photography, and the visceral technique of urban art”. She finds inspiration from unexpected combinations, mixture of old and new themes from her childhood. Before moving into watercolour paintings, she was an interior designer and also a jewellery designer. Whatever she has gained from previous fields, she brings that imaginative skill and talent into her portrait paintings. In this post we have included 25 Surreal Watercolor Paintings by Christina Leta Smith for your inspiration.

Queen Watercolor Painting Christina_0queen watercolor painting christina_0 Woman Watercolor Painting Christina_0woman watercolor painting christina_0 Blue Flower Woman Watercolor Painting Christinablue flower woman watercolor painting christina Flower Woman Watercolor Painting Christinaflower woman watercolor painting christina Modern Woman Watercolor Painting Christinamodern woman watercolor painting christina Queen Woman Watercolor Painting Christinaqueen woman watercolor painting christina Rose Woman Watercolor Painting Christinarose woman watercolor painting christina Surreal Watercolor Painting Christinasurreal watercolor painting christina Butterfly Woman Watercolor Painting Christinabutterfly woman watercolor painting christina Blue Hair Woman Watercolor Painting Christinablue hair woman watercolor painting christina Body Parts Watercolor Painting Christinabody parts watercolor painting christina Black Woman Watercolor Painting Christinablack woman watercolor painting christina Crow Woman Watercolor Painting Christinacrow woman watercolor painting christina

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