Split Animal Hand Tattoos by Valentin Hirsch
Animal Hand tattoos: Valentin Hirsch is an amazing tattoo artist from Berlin, Germany. He creates these impeccable, detailed animal tattoos on human body. These black animal tattoos are complex and they show the creative side of the artist. These con
Tattoos by Nomi Chi
Tattoos: Nomi Chi is a tattooist from Vancouver, Australia. She loves to draw, tattoo and sculpt. Her work is a combination of surrealism and funny relationships in nature and humans. She currently works in Gostown Tattoo parlour creating and sharing with the world her creativity in tattoo art. Nomi Chi graduated from the Emily Carr University fo Art & Design with a degree in BFA. Most of her tattoos are of animals and birds with exotic flowers with a tinge of surrealism. According to Nomi Chi,"Nature, esoterica, and the...
Tattoos For Women
Tattoos for women: If you love tattoos I’m sure you will love these tattoos for women. We have many kinds of tattoos for women collected from around the world and many of these tattoos are unique designs. So if you are planning to get yourself a tattoo, go through our awesome collection of tattoos for women for inspiration. In this post we have included 20 Beautiful Tattoos for women for your inspiration. Tattoos are merely skin drawings which are permanent, ofcourse you can remove them these days, but it’s very painful...
Tattoo Art is favorite amongst the mid adult generation. There are many different kinds of tattoo designs to choose from, but if it's first time getting inked, it's good to get some research done. If it's your first tattoo, make sure you go to a professional tattoo artist, because they know what's best for your skin. Tattoo art has become more like a canvas painting, people choose landscapes, surreal art, abstract designs, gothic for tattoos. Optical illusion tattoo designs is the new fad in the tattooist corner. Some...
Tattoos For Men
Tattoos for men: Who doesn’t love fancy tattoos up their sleeve? In this post we have added 20 Beautiful and Creative Tattoos for men for your inspiration. Tattoos for men come in all shapeand sizes. Have you heard of the tattoo man?!! Well he was so much in love with nature that he has covered himself head to toe with tattoos and even lives in the jungle. Have a look at the back tattoos for men, they are simple awesome. We have an amazing collection of tattoos for men : arm tattoos, tribal tattoos, Chest tattoos, leg tattoos....

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