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20 realistic portrait pencil drawings by brazil artist phelipe barbosa

Pencil drawings by Phelipe Barbosa is a realistic and we totally love them. Most of his portrait drawings are of women portraying various emotions. The detailing, shading on the hair is exquisite. The makeup in the drawings looks so realistic and glossy. If the drawings were in color, they would resemble photographs. The pencil drawings by Phelipe...

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street artworks by eduardo kobra

Eduardo Kobra is one of the most featured street artist from Sao Paulo. His street and mural artworks became popular after the 2016 Olympic games. He currently holds the record for the world's largest graffiti mural 'Ethnic' which was created to celebrate the event. One of his most popular mural artworks was 'The Kiss' . It was...

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funny drawings by lucas levitan

Illustration by Lucas Levitan: Next time if you are posting images on Instagram, just be careful as your photos may be stolen by Lucas Levitan. Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian artist who loves to do illustrations on other people's photo. Of course he gives the link back to the owner with full credits. Levitan sees the world with a little bend on...

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