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creative art ideas by gilbert legrand

Creative Art Ideas : Gilbert Legrand is a French illustrator who does creative art out of everyday objects like pliers, hangers, bleach bottles etc. As a child he could see so many formations of whatever he saw. He was a imaginative and creative kid. Just 12 years back he started sketching his ideas and approached a publishesher. The people...

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digital art works by jean sébastien

Digital painting: Jean Sebastien Rossbach is a french digital illustrator who has created popular illustrations for many novels like George R Martin's "A Game of Throne", Robin Hobb's "Royal Assassin" and so on. He uses the latest technology on computers to create the concept art which is quite enthralling for the...

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surreal digital art works by cyril rolando

Surreal Digital Art works by Cyril Rolando: Cyril Rolando is a french digital artist. Eventhough he is a psychologist, he also has a passion for digital painting. For the past eight years he has been into surreal digital painting. Even though it's been only 8 years, he has a an eye for detail and uses quite vibrant colors. Imagine you walk...

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