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13 creative anamorphic 3d pencil drawings by mohammed shkour

3D Drawings: Anamorphic 3D drawings are immensely difficult to create, but Mohammed Shkour is an expert at it. This artist hails from Iran and his sketches seem to come out of the pages. His subjects are simple, everyday objects which are created with eye popping realism. The sketches almost look like they are real, and one may even...

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paintings by mahmood jafari

Mahmood Jafari is a Tehran based artist. His landscape paintings, scenery paintings and still life paintings are highly realistic. Through his scenery paintings, one feels like they are present at the moment watching the birds fly, cows graze and more. He is a multi-talented artist, he is too good in landscapes, character portraits,...

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pen drawings by matin shafiee

Pen Drawings: Iranian artist Matin Shafiee is popular for his creative pen drawings. With just a pen and creativity, it's amazing what this artist can do. To add color to his pen drawings, he uses color pencils and they take his art totally to the next level. He has captured the lighting and shading so beautifully in his pen drawings and they...

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