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ornament drawing by asmahan a.b

Intricate ornament drawings by this Turkish artist is all set to bedazzle you. Asmahan A Mosleh is a beautiful turkish artist who enjoys spending hours together on intricate ornament drawings and designs. She draws inspiration from the Egyptian pharaohs and stories based on them. To create one ornament drawing she spends minimum 8 - 14 hrs. She...

Top Turkey ArtistsIn Doodle Art
silhouette photo manipulations by abdullah evindar

Silhouette digital art by Abdullah Evindar is totally worth a watch. Beautiful sunsets, landscapes, nature all muddled up together brings out the best from Abdullah Evindar. In this series, the artist mixes up the silhouette figures under the moon, waiting near a tree or enjoying a scenery. The orange moon is the biggest highlight in this...

Top Turkey ArtistsIn Digital Art
3d drawings by tolga girgin

Calligraphy drawings: We have seen numerous 3D paintings and 3d drawings, now here is a fresh one, 3D calligraphy. Sounds interesting right? Tolga Girgin is an artist/graphic designer from Turkey, who does stunning 3d calligraphy. Tolga Girgin uses shading, shadows, and different forms of perspective to create 3D letters that seem to float off the...

Top Turkey ArtistsIn Other Drawings
quilling art ideas by sena runa

If you enjoy playing with paper, then check out this Quilling Art works (or Paper Filigree). Sean Runa works magic on paper, she transforms thin strips of paper into birds, insects, flowers and more. There is no limit for quilling art, just let your creative imagination flow and yes make some blunders too, you may end up with unique art. We...

Top Turkey ArtistsIn Inspiration
15 beautiful live sketches and paintings by turkey artist ayse bakir

Realistic drawings: Turkey based artist, Ayse Bakir is loves to travel extensively and admires great architecture around the world. He makes sure we don't miss the beautiful buildings he stumbles upon in every travel, by sketching realistic drawings which only makes our heart sigh. He draws inspiration from the domes, cathedrals and even the...

Top Turkey ArtistsIn Other Drawings
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