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20 outstanding and colorful acrylic paintings by patrice murciano

Colorful Paintings: Patrice Murciano born in 1969, May 27 is a well established artist in who currently lives and works in South France. He was born in Belfort, France. He considers himself as a researcher in art, rather than artist. What's most striking about his art is the usage of vibrant colors, which makes his paintings really interesting...

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surreal drawings by pez

These creative drawings are by an amazing artist from Nantes. Pez is an artist and illustrator from France. His drawings are mostly inspired from the graffiti and the pop culture. He has a funny way of interpreting his thoughts as drawings. His drawings are a mixture of surrealism and pop culture. Have you ever imagined Mona Lisa outside of a...

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street art by seth globepainter

Street Art: Seth Globepainter is french street artist and his original name is Julien Malland. His street art is very bubbly and full of colors, he mostly draws of children on old unused buildings or walls. His street art is found in many parts of the world and because of his colors, it gives a new look to the otherwise boring old walls. Serh...

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