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15 extraordinary surreal mural drawings by chinese artist alice lin

Drawings: Rising from dreams and her powerful imagination, the works of Beijing based artist Alice Lin  are truly astonishing, highly detailed and revealing the universe of the mind, where all sorts of fantastic creatures – rabbits, goats, swans – coexist. This new and fascinating wonderland of possible realities...

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mural drawings of kerby rosanes

Mural Drawings:  I have seen amazing doodles but Kerby Rosanes has taken it one step further by producing intricate doodle designs with just ink. His murals are simple amazing to the human eyes. He is just 23 years old, but people in the art community are already talking about his fantastic designs. You might be looking at a lion, but the...

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murals by bogi fabian

Murals by Bogi Fabian: Bogi Fabian is quite popular for portraying disney characters through glowing murals. Imagine switching off your lights at night and immediately your walls start glowing with murals which take you back into another fantasy world. Well Bogi Fabian uses UV paint to hide her mural paintings and when the room becomes pitch dark...

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