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illusion body paintings by emma fay

Body Painting Art: Emma Fay is a British concept body artist who is the proud owner of many stunning creations. When you look at Emma Fay's painting art, the first thing that crosses your mind is, animals, but if you take a closer look, you can see that they are human models who have been painted upon to look like animals. Human bodies...

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body paintings by mimi choi

Are those hotdogs or legs? Makeup artist Mimi Choi  levelled up her body painting skills by creating delicious foods on her legs. Her body painting art is a deception of the mind. Feet turning into banana, corn, slices of bread simply stimulate our senses. Mimi Choi is a makeup artist from Vancouver. She is quite talented in body...

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body paintings art by chadwick

Body Painting Art by Chadwick and Spector : Based in New York City (although currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand), artistic duo Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector recreate classic works of art using the human body as the canvas. In their Museum Anatomy series, Chadwick serves as the canvas. His ability to maintain a constant pose...

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