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Watercolor Paintings: Viktoria Prischedko is a Russian artist and she is extremely brilliant with her watercolor paintings. She is quite popular in Russia and not much is known about her internationally. Viktoria Prischedko has completed a diploma course in Painting from Russia. After graduation, she decided watercolor paintings are her soft spot and that was her primary focus. Viktoria Prischedko uses Hahnemuhle 300lb rough paper for her water painting. First she...
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Watercolor paintings: Artist Kimberly is from Russia and her technique is watercolors. Even as a child, Kimberly had an interest for art. She is quite popular in Russia and we hope she shares more of her work internationally, so she can get more recognition for her work. Her portrait watercolor paintings are simply stunning and most of the characters are from books. The guys in her portraits look like princes and they are so damn handsome. With a little bit of...
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Watercolor paintings by Elena Efremova is quite breath taking. She creates replicates natural scenaries and historical places in her watercolor paintings. It's indeed a difficult medium to handle, but nothing seems to stop this beautiful and talented artist from achieving her dreams. She is a beautiful artist from Moscow, Russia. She currently works at shutter-stock and painting is her hobby. She is self taught artist, we absolutely love her vibrant and eye...
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Animal drawings: Born and brought up in Alpharetta, Georgia, Katy Lipscomb is a freelance illustrator, who does excellent animal drawings with pencils and markers. She has a very simple goal in life, "Be a good person and to share her wonderful art to the world". When she was a little girl and could hold her pencils, her mom understood her creativity and gave her a small place underneath the steps, where she can create just about anything. According to...
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Watercolor paintings: Glen Preece is an artist/illustrator from Sydney. He is a tattooist/artist and his paintings have a tinge of surrealism and gothic in them. His watercolor paintings are so realistic and they are mostly in black and white. The artist has captured the emotions so beautifully and the portraits seem to be popping out of the papers. The only other color apart from black/ white are red, which seems to show that the characters are in some kind of...
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Watercolor Painting Works by Kazel Lim: Malaysian artist Kazel Lim is an illustrator and watercolor artist. She draws inspiration for her watercolor paintings from nature especially flowers and birds. Most of her watercolor paintings are beautiful portraits of women which is related to nature or based on expressions, like happiness or sadness. Her combination of colors, expressions are truly a pleasure to watch. Her signature style is to allow watercolor drip from...
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Anime Watercolor Paintings: Maeva is a French artist who is a specialist in creating anime manga Watercolor Paintings. She has published two original comic books “Les Elfes de Miloria, Fleurs de fees” in france. Her watercolour paintings are mostly of Disney princess and fairies. We have collected some of the best watercolour paintings by maeva for your inspiration. Apart from being a freelance artist, she also has another part time job. Her work is...
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Watercolor painting: In this post we have included 50 Beautiful and Stunning watercolor paintings for your inspiration. Watercolor paintings are great to work with, most artists create realistic watercolour paintings which look like thay have been photographed. Watercolor paintings are extremely popular for quite a long time and this series has an impressive collection of watercolour paintings. Watercolor paintings can be quite frustrating at time, but if you take...
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Realistic Watercolor Paintings : Steve Hanks watercolor paintings are realistic and extra-ordinary in terms of perfection and style. He is titled as one of the best artists working today using watercolor. The color, light and realism of Steve Hanks’ paintings are a miracle in this tough medium. This gifted artist was born in San Diego in 1949.  He tried different mediums including acrylics, oils and watercolor. Most of his works are an example...
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Colorful Watercolor Paintings: German Artist Svenja Jodicke was born and brought up in a large creative and artistic family. So it was natural for her to have a passion in art. She found out for her love in watercolour paintings in the year 2012. She believes that eyes are the souls of inner beauty and speaks a lot about a person’s character. Most of her watercolour paintings portray a pair of eyes or a single eye which has some imaginary art added...
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