Simple And Beautiful Watercolor Paintings By Arizona Artist Mia


Watercolor Paintings By Mia

The watercolor paintings by Mia is creative and simple. She uses a limited color palette, but the results are creative. The watercolor paintings are created on small strips of paper, which can be used as bookmarks. Even-though the colors are limited, when we look at the watercolor paintings, its a eye soothing experience. Mia is an Arizona based artist. She is a self taught watercolor artist. She likes to experiment with natural colors and we are quite happy with the end results. She takes on commission works, so interested persons can reach out to her through her social media handle. We love her tiny watercolor paintings of flowers, pines, vegetables since they are extremely detailed. Tell us which is your favorite in the comments section.

Watercolor Painting Pink Leaves Miawatercolor painting pink leaves mia Watercolor Painting Bouquet Miawatercolor painting bouquet mia Watercolor Painting Wild Flowers Miawatercolor painting wild flowers mia Watercolor Painting Berries Miawatercolor painting berries mia Watercolor Painting White Flower Miawatercolor painting white flower mia Watercolor Painting Fruit Flower Miawatercolor painting fruit flower mia Watercolor Painting Leaves Miawatercolor painting leaves mia Watercolor Painting Pine Miawatercolor painting pine mia Watercolor Painting Pink Flower Miawatercolor painting pink flower mia Watercolor Painting Potli Miawatercolor painting potli mia Watercolor Painting Cactus Miawatercolor painting cactus mia Watercolor Painting Hibiscus Miawatercolor painting hibiscus mia Watercolor Painting Cherry Miawatercolor painting cherry mia Watercolor Painting Colorful Flowers Miawatercolor painting colorful flowers mia

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