15 Beautiful And Creative Coffee Art Works By Dirceu Veiga

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Coffee Art

Coffee Art by Dirceu Veiga: Dirceu Veiga is a Brazilian artist currently living in Curitiba,Brazil. From 1994 he has been working as an illustrator artist for childrn's books in many well known publishing companies. His love for coffee and paintings, allowed him to try out a new kind of coffee painting, which has become a hit among the art indistry. He creates stunning portraits of well known celebrities through his coffee art. You don't have to carry your favourite pastel colours, just carry your coffee mug, brushes and some coffe powder and you can start to create your own series of coffee painting. According to Dirceu Veiga's website,"I love different art expressions and I really love coffee and for that reason, in 2007 I’ve started to mix this two passions: coffee and art, or just Coffee Art. Coffee Art is a painting technique that use only 100% coffee instead ink to paint".In this post we have added 15 Beautiful Coffee Art by Dirceu Veiga for your inspiration.

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Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 1coffee art dirceu veiga 1Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 2coffee art dirceu veiga 2Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 3coffee art dirceu veiga 3Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 4coffee art dirceu veiga 4Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 5coffee art dirceu veiga 5 Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 6coffee art dirceu veiga 6Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 7coffee art dirceu veiga 7Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 8coffee art dirceu veiga 8Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 9coffee art dirceu veiga 9Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 10coffee art dirceu veiga 10Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 11coffee art dirceu veiga 11Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 12coffee art dirceu veiga 12Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 13coffee art dirceu veiga 13Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 14coffee art dirceu veiga 14Coffee Art Dirceu Veiga 15coffee art dirceu veiga 15 Share - Add Comment

Artist Link: Know more about Dirceu Veiga

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