15 Funny And Creative Art Ideas By Gilbert Legrand


Creative Art Ideas By Gilbert Legrand

Creative Art Ideas : Gilbert Legrand is a French illustrator who does creative art out of everyday objects like pliers, hangers, bleach bottles etc. As a child he could see so many formations of whatever he saw. He was a imaginative and creative kid. Just 12 years back he started sketching his ideas and approached a publishesher. The people liked his work and that’s how his long journey began. He creates funny characters out of these regular objects. All his creative art embodies a sense of pleasing humor. He says in his blog, “I like optical illusions and I Love happy accidents”. In this post we have included 15 Funny and Creative Art Ideas by Gilbert Legrand.

Big Rat Creative Art big rat creative art Tom Creative Art tom creative art Animal Creative Art animal creative art Bird Creative Art bird creative art Cartoon Bird Creative Art cartoon bird creative art Dog Creative Art dog creative art Duck Creative Art duck creative art Lion Creative Art lion creative art Man Creative Art man creative art Man Sculpture Creative Art man sculpture creative art Men Creative Art men creative art Pipe Creative Art pipe creative art Playful Character Creative Art playful character creative art Rat Creative Art rat creative art Tennis Creative Art tennis creative art Three Men Creative Art three men creative art

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