Macillust (aka) Miguel Angel Carrasco is a talented illustrator and artist. His surreal illustrations mostly have female subjects. The female subjects seem to portray a lot of the dark side....
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The landscape paintings by Feliks K (aka) Colorbyfeliks gives us a glimpse into nature. The paintings look so realistic, that we feel like taking a stroll through the forest. Feliks is ...
Acrylic PaintingPaintings
People and their striking resemblances to the oil paintings by Damian Lechoszest is an interesting watch. These oil paintings were created by the Polish artist Damian Lechoszest. The stunning res...
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Check out these surreal painting artworks. Each one seems to have a unique story of their own. The artist seems to be in a dilemma whether she has to be n the present world or move on to a f...
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These paintings are the artworks of fine art photographer, Seb Duke. To create these tunning paintings, he mixes different colored liquids together and creates little bubbles of paint, which take on s...
Watercolor paintings: Grzegorz Wrobel is a Polish artist and he is brilliant with watercolor paintings. He mostly creates landscapes of beautiful places in watercolors. Grzegorz Wrobel was born in 198...
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Silhouette paintings: The next big thing is the silhouette paintings after silhouette photography. This artist Danielle Foye has made her silhouette paintings more interesting by adding a tinge of sur...
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These are not photographs, they are hyper realistic oil paintings by Christiane Vleugels. The artist is a photographer and painter. She takes pictures of environments, people, places and if there is a...
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Chinese paintings: Z Ling Shu is a chinese artist who creates these beautiful oil paintings following the traditional methods. Chinese paintings were created by the artist as a hobby, but her artwork ...
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Watercolor Paintings: Viktoria Prischedko is a Russian artist and she is extremely brilliant with her watercolor paintings. She is quite popular in Russia and not much is known about her international...
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