These miniature sculptures fit inside an adult's palm.It's fun to see our everyday food items like subway wraps, starbucks, fruits all molded into life like miniature sculptures. The desktops,...
The passion for paper has made this artist very creative with her paper sculptures. The watercolor papers have been twisted and molded to form beautiful faces portraying different emotions. The p...
Surreal miniature insect sculptures by Japanese artist Hirsohi Shinno has left us speechless. He uses ferns, petals and leaves to create his imaginary insect friends. He is quite popular for his ...
Underwater Sculptures: Jason deCaires Taylor was born in 1974 and he currently lives and works from Lanzarote, which is situated in Canary islands. This artist is with a mission, protect the underwate...
Felting sculptures by Russian artist Yulia Derevschikova  are so stunningly realistic. The animals are so beautifully detailed, one can mistake them for real animals. He...
The world is a canvas for a true artist and in this case it's butter sculptures. Tonnes of butter are carved into beautiful sculptures and placed for display to public. These butter sculptures hav...
Wall sculptures: Metal wall sculptures are used to stir up a dull space in your room. Hang a metallic willow tree sculpture above your bed, and you can see a 3d image of the tree merging alongwith the...
Tiny things make us happy, here is an sculptor who literally captivates us by her miniature sculptures. Before turning into a sculptor, she was a corporate lawyer. She quit her successful lawyer caree...
Ice Sculptures: Ice sculptures are usually created only by using dry ice. It’s a form of ice which doesn’t melt faster than the normal ones. Ice sculpture competitions are held in many col...
Paper sculptures: We all would have created paper sculptures when we were children. Yes, the flying plane or rocket we used to throw at friends is one of the easiest and simplest paper sculptures in t...

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