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Murals by Bogi Fabian: Bogi Fabian is quite popular for portraying disney characters through glowing murals. Imagine switching off your lights at night and immediately your walls start glowing with mu... OthersMural ArtworksEurope Artist

Fantasy art: In this post we have included 50 Stunning Fantasy Art Works from around the world. Fantasy art is not taught formerly in any art institute’s, it’s all in the minds of the arti... Paintings

Realistic Sculptures: Japanese artist Kazuhiro Tsuji is quite popular for his realistic sculptures of famous personalities which are created using plastic silicone, resin and other materials. He is a ... Sculptures

Art & Design Festival : Pictoplasma is an annual event which primarily focuses on illustration, animation film, fine/urban arts, character design and graphic design. It is a great opport... Art News

Cat drawing: Cats are the favourite animals among artists as they are beautifully proportioned. It’s so easy to learn how to draw cats in a cartoony and realistic style. In this post we have inc... DrawingsOther Drawings

Art Contest : Fusion Art is conducting it's 2nd Annual Black & White art contest and currently they are calling for entries till April 26th, 2018. The finalists works will be displayed in an ... Art News

Realistic drawing: Once you get the hang of drawing beautifully, every artists dream is to achieve the realistic drawing field. It takes a lot of patience and preparedness for creating realistic drawi... DrawingsPencil Drawing

Creative Sculpture: Jeff Koons is a controversial artist whose earlier sculpture of a 10 Feet Balloon Dog fetched him $58 million in 2013 and now he is back again with a realistic play doh sculpture. ... Art News

Art Contest : Hermione Hammond is a drawing award for all artists which tries to encourage the creativity of the artists. Hermione Hammond Drawing Award is partnered with one of London's leading art g... Art News

Face painting: If you go for any festival or occasion, you are bound to see a lot of face painting artists. Kids just love to get their faces painted and show off their glitters to their friends. In t... OthersBody Paintings

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