1st International Nature Art Competition - Mixed Media Accepting Entries Till 10th March


Art: 1st Nature Art Competition is being hosted by the Contemporary Art Room Gallery and it's currently accepting entries for art in mixed media. Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital, prints, fiber art, collage or installation art can be presented with the theme 'Nature'. Video art and sound art are not acceptable. Artists aged 18 worldwide can participate in this contest and gain international exposure. There is a $15 entry fee and it's non-refundable. There is no maximum limit for number of entries, the more you send, better are your chances of winning the top three slots.

Images should not exceed 1.5mb and they should be in JPG format. Only clear and visible entries will be accepted, so focus on the artwork and crop the unnecessary background images. While uploading images of your artwork, add a short biography alongwith with a description of your artwork.


Digital Award Certificates and International exposure. The first prize winning image will be displayed on the poster of the show. The winning entries will be displayed in an online exhibition which will be held from March 18, 2018.

Forest rabbit painting by marion roseforest rabbit painting Nature art by anne rosenvaldnature art Abstract nature art by peggy bowie davisabstract nature art Sleeping pine painting by alexandra kubesleeping pine painting

for more info, visit artroomgallery

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