Acrylic paintings by Ben Jeffrey is truly exquisite. The artist is related to the popular artist John Varley. Right from an young age, Ben Jeffrey was interested in art. His grandpa was the biggest support in his family, so he could pursue art. When he was in the secondary school, he decided he wanted to be an artist, since he used to constantly challenge his friends on whose portrait was the best. It didn't come as a surprise when he pursued art in college. He...
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Eman Zogbi's portrait paintings are simply stunning. Her portrait paintings are a mixture of surrealism and modern art. Most of Eman Zogbi's paintings are portraits of women with different irises. The expressions of the women on her paintings are indecipherable. The artist uses mixed media on her paintings to achieve the end result. The artist enjoys nature and you can see them being incorporated in almost all paintings(trees, shrubs, leaves, flowers). Eman...
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Coffee Art: Anything can happen over a cup of coffee. Artist Nuria Salcedo also popularly known as Nuriamarq in the social media sites creates wonderful art with some coffee, paper and his brush. Some of the coffee paintings are so detailed, it just seems to take your breath away. It also makes you wonder, how on earth is this possible. Well anything is possible for this young talented artist. Popular Disney characters like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, comic...
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Acrylic Paintings on Feather : Feather painting is quite popular among many artists. In this post Jamie Homeister has used elaborate animal designs on her paintings and most of them seem to come straight out of the feather. They are super realistic. Feathers are the most delicate things because they tend to move a lot, so if you want to try your stund at painting on feathers, it’s better you glaze your feathers and then stick them with a painter’s...
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Hyper realistic paintings: Philipp Weber is an artist/illustrator from Germany. His realistic paintings of women, look like photographs. He is one of the masters of lighting, shading and 3d imaging. He uses Adobe Photoshop to his digital paintings to make them hyper realistic paintings. His work has featured on several magazine covers and he has a large clientele. He prefers to use a plain background, with justice given to the subjects, who are the prime focus....
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Portrait acrylic paintings: We have heard about selfie photos, what about selfie portraits? Artist, Cristina Troufa has come up with an indigenous ideas to create beautiful portraits of herself in various postures in acrylic painting. Some acrylic paintings have three selfies of the artist, doing so many tasks. We wouldn't know what's running through her mind and it's upto the viewer to come up with brilliant story. Cristina Troufa holds a degree in...
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Animal drawings: Born and brought up in Alpharetta, Georgia, Katy Lipscomb is a freelance illustrator, who does excellent animal drawings with pencils and markers. She has a very simple goal in life, "Be a good person and to share her wonderful art to the world". When she was a little girl and could hold her pencils, her mom understood her creativity and gave her a small place underneath the steps, where she can create just about anything. According to...
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Oil Paintings: Drew Brophy loves to surf the big waves and enjoys travelling around the world. His love for the surfing and sea has made him an artist. He enjoys doing oil paintings on surf boards and has been in the trade for more than 25 years. He often says,” It’s my job to make things cool”. His oil paintings were recognized and popularized in the 1990s. Drew does a lot of oil painting commission jobs. His paintings are printed on many...
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Cosmic Paintings: Emma Lindstrom is a Swedish artist who creates these beautiful ethereal paintings, which seems to bring some kind of inner peace to the people who view them. Everyday she paints and if she is too depressed, she paints and at the end of the day, her spirits are lifted and she feels much more happier. The theme for Emma Lindstrom artwork are massive, abstract compositions that takes in a lot of hard work and dedication. These creative paintings are...
Watercolor paintings: Glen Preece is an artist/illustrator from Sydney. He is a tattooist/artist and his paintings have a tinge of surrealism and gothic in them. His watercolor paintings are so realistic and they are mostly in black and white. The artist has captured the emotions so beautifully and the portraits seem to be popping out of the papers. The only other color apart from black/ white are red, which seems to show that the characters are in some kind of...
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