Tiny things make us happy, here is an sculptor who literally captivates us by her miniature sculptures. Before turning into a sculptor, she was a corporate lawyer. She quit her successful lawyer career to create miniature sculptures like buildings, furniture and more. She uses special tools, kits and materials depending on what the end product should look like. Currently she lives and works from Melbourne, Australia. She is pursuing a degree in architecture at the...
Wall sculptures: Metal wall sculptures are used to stir up a dull space in your room. Hang a metallic willow tree sculpture above your bed, and you can see a 3d image of the tree merging alongwith the background to give a pleasant view. If you are an ardent nature lover, you can use intricate tree sculptures which blend along with the room color, to make you feel one with nature. If you are looking to decorate the interiors of your home, it’s good to invest...
Ice Sculptures: Ice sculptures are usually created only by using dry ice. It’s a form of ice which doesn’t melt faster than the normal ones. Ice sculpture competitions are held in many cold countries to bring forth the brilliant creativity of the ice sculpture artists. Ice festivals are held for nearly a month in several countries during the coldest days of the year. Some of the festivals are held in December or January. I think Ice Sculptures have been...
Paper sculptures: We all would have created paper sculptures when we were children. Yes, the flying plane or rocket we used to throw at friends is one of the easiest and simplest paper sculptures in the world. In this post we have included 20 Amazing and Brilliant bird paper sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera for your inspiration. Artist Diana is a Colombian artist and designer who believes in nature. She uses materials which are found around her everyday to...
Food Art by Anna Keville Joyce & Agustín Nieto :  Argentina-based food stylist and illustrator Anna Keville Joyce has managed to take the art of food styling to a whole new level, for her recent creations are true culinary masterpieces. While food photographer Agustín Nieto had quite the task of doing justice to these mouthwatering works, he managed to capture them perfectly, but as he readily admits, it didn’t come easy. ...
Sculpture by Henrique Oliveira: Henrique Oliveira is known for his unique form of sculptures. He uses plywood,fencing and PVC as his art medium. He collects these plywoods and other scrap items from dumpsters and landfills and creates these strange looking sculptures. After his graduation from social media at Escola Superior de Propaganda e- Marketing, in 1997, Henrique Oliveira returned back to his home city of Ourinhos. One often gets confused if he is a painter...
Sculpture by Stefanie Rocknak: Stephanie Rocknak is a New york based wood sculptor. She was born in a wood working family, her mother used to do antique retouches and father used to refurnish old buildings into a new ones. According to Rocknak's bio,"I have been around woodworkers for as long as I can remember—while growing up, my mother meticulously refinished countless pieces of antique furniture and for a while, my father worked as a professional...
Sculptures: French art director Alexis Persani created a series called 'Street Stone'. The ensembles are achieved through image manipulation , using photoshop to dress the sculptures digitally . Alexis Persani created this project as a humouraous take on contrast between contemporaray and ancient fashion . Demonstrating the vast metamorphoses our culture has undergone from acnient times . Here are some of his eye catching work with ancient...
Realistic Sculptures: Japanese artist Kazuhiro Tsuji is quite popular for his realistic sculptures of famous personalities which are created using plastic silicone, resin and other materials. He is a popular makeup artist and has worked in several Hollywood films such as Men in Black, Rhapsody in August, Salt, Rise of the planet of Apes, Total Recall etc. From 2008 he shifted his career focus to fine art and started off his own company creating these realistic...
Fabric sculpture: In a beautiful dance motion, Benjamin Shine has created this tulle fabric sculpture, which is beautiful to watch. From a small white basket, shoots up layers of tulle fabric, which totally engulfs the ceiling. Hanging from those fabrics are two portraits which are cleverly done in tulle fabric. Each of these tulle fabrics are multicolored and very delicate to touch. Just whenyou think,it's over, the portraits disappear and you can see clear...

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