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Mel Milton digital paintings are an interesting watch. The character designs for his digital paintings were created using mobile studio pro and they look so realistic. He is a devoted father and an artist, who always keeps smiling. He is one of the most positive artists on social media. His digital paintings and sketch are usually uploaded on his social media account on a daily basis. Not all artists are so happy with their sketches, here is an artist, who loves to...
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Disney realistic digital paintings by Jirka Vaatainen is an interesting watch. The artist is a graphic design graduate with a BA(Hons) from Bournemouth University. He uses Adobe Photoshop to get most of his digital paintings done. Most of his works include photo compositing, photo manipulation and digital painting. His paintings are a combination of pictures, blending, layering and texturing. His Disney characters painting started in 2011, when he took on a fun...
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Jeffrey Smith is a digital artist who draws inspiration from everyday life. His digital paintings are so simple, yet passes on a strong message about various aspects of life. His digital paintings are have a tingle of surrealism, fantasy and modern art techniques. Jeffrey Smith, american artist has more than 9+ years experiences in the graphic design field. If you are interested in purchasing his digital paintings, you can buy them here:
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Digital painting: Anirudh Sainath Molee is an Indian digital artist, who lives in New Delhi. India is a country rich in cultures and religion. This indian artist creates controversial digital paintings, which sometimes create a havoc during his many exhibitions. Anirudh Sainath Molee loves his religion and he loves to read the epics like Mahabaratha, Ramayanam, scriptures like the Vedas and Upanishads. Mostly self taught, this artist opted out of his degrees, since...
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Niken Anindita is extremely fond of digital artworks and digital paintings. Most of her digital paintings are inspired from landscapes and nature. She is an illustrator and graphic designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2012 she has been a freelance illustrator for various children's magazines and books. She is highly experienced in anime backgrounds and contemporary art. She is a self taught artist and with no experience in hands on manual drawing. It's...
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Digital art: Fantasy art is mostly found in many video games, where the hero and villain taken many different forms and are shown with a lot of weapons and can perform super human capabilities. Here is a beautiful collection of fantasy artworks from various designers from all over the world. Yuehui Tang is a young designer/ artist from China. This graphic illustrator brings to life his highly imaginative and creative beauties which wage war against other characters...
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Digital illustrations: Conrado Salinas is a freelance digital illustrator/artist from Los Angeles, USA. He graduated from Mt. Sierra College, with a degree in Graphic Design. His digital art has featured in several magazines like Versus Magazine and so on. When you take a look at Conrado Salinas's digital illustrations, you can see so much of violence in them, he normally uses a dark background and all his characters are also dark, with eye popping colors here...
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Digital Illustration: Alexander Fedosov is a surreal artist from Ukraine. He is quite popular for his unique surreal portraits of fantasy characters. His digital paintings are mostly dark themed with attention to detail with 3D effects. Now, How cool is that. He doesn't use any fancy softwares to get this digital art, he uses photoshop, his Wacom tablet and some creativity, which makes his digital portraits quite popular. His work is quite popular on the social...
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Digital paintings: Mirella Santana is a young artist from Brazil. She is a self taught surreal digital artist who is quite popular on the social media sites. Most of Mirella Santana's subjects are women and using her creativity and imagination, she brings the dark side of the world onto canvas. The usage of colors and detailed work must be applauded. It's just like an everyday scene, a woman playing a violin, but if you look closely, the violin is on fire....
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Digital Art Works by Natalie Shau: Natalie Shau is a digital artist and fashion photographer based in Lithuania. She was born in the year 1984 at Vilnius, Lithuania in Greece. Most of her paintings are a combination of digital artworks, 3D-Modelling and photography. She takes on commission works even for portraits, one just needs to send a recent photo to her and she comes up with a beautiful digital painting. In 2006, she used to draw stick figure drawings and...
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