These miniature sculptures fit inside an adult's palm.It's fun to see our everyday food items like subway wraps, starbucks, fruits all molded into life like miniature sculptures. The desktops, sewing machines all seem to be packed with the nitty gritty details, which makes us wonder if the hand holding them was that of a giant. Sunny miniworld is a group which is the brain child behind these miniature sculptures. They are based in Korea. These...
The passion for paper has made this artist very creative with her paper sculptures. The watercolor papers have been twisted and molded to form beautiful faces portraying different emotions. The paper is turned into 3d patterns and when the light hits the surface, interesting forms are displayed. She mostly uses folded papers which are bent in straight lines or molds to create faces. The most interesting fact of these paper sculptures are they all created using...
Surreal miniature insect sculptures by Japanese artist Hirsohi Shinno has left us speechless. He uses ferns, petals and leaves to create his imaginary insect friends. He is quite popular for his 'ikimono' sculptures. He draws his inspiration for his miniature sculptures from nature. All his sculptures are look like beetles, butterflies and other harmless insects. He gathers his materials for his art from nature and carefully treats them with synthetic...
Underwater Sculptures: Jason deCaires Taylor was born in 1974 and he currently lives and works from Lanzarote, which is situated in Canary islands. This artist is with a mission, protect the underwater creatures and save the natural resources. Taylor graduated from the London Institute of Arts in 1998 with a BA Honours in Sculpture and became a fully qualified diving instructor and underwater naturalist. He is also an award winning photographer for showing the...
Felting sculptures by Russian artist Yulia Derevschikova  are so stunningly realistic. The animals are so beautifully detailed, one can mistake them for real animals. Her needle felting sculpture characters is inspired from popular Disney movies. The little woodland creatures are so adorable making you want to pamper them all day long. The animals she chooses for her felting art are tiny animals like squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs,...
The world is a canvas for a true artist and in this case it's butter sculptures. Tonnes of butter are carved into beautiful sculptures and placed for display to public. These butter sculptures have to be kept at a certain temperature, since they tend to melt under room temperature. Butter is a fragile canvas, so it's only the talented artists who know their way through knives can handle them. A whole village, with so many minute details added on to them has...
Wall sculptures: Metal wall sculptures are used to stir up a dull space in your room. Hang a metallic willow tree sculpture above your bed, and you can see a 3d image of the tree merging alongwith the background to give a pleasant view. If you are an ardent nature lover, you can use intricate tree sculptures which blend along with the room color, to make you feel one with nature. If you are looking to decorate the interiors of your home, it’s good to invest...
Tiny things make us happy, here is an sculptor who literally captivates us by her miniature sculptures. Before turning into a sculptor, she was a corporate lawyer. She quit her successful lawyer career to create miniature sculptures like buildings, furniture and more. She uses special tools, kits and materials depending on what the end product should look like. Currently she lives and works from Melbourne, Australia. She is pursuing a degree in architecture at the...
Ice Sculptures: Ice sculptures are usually created only by using dry ice. It’s a form of ice which doesn’t melt faster than the normal ones. Ice sculpture competitions are held in many cold countries to bring forth the brilliant creativity of the ice sculpture artists. Ice festivals are held for nearly a month in several countries during the coldest days of the year. Some of the festivals are held in December or January. I think Ice Sculptures have been...
Paper sculptures: We all would have created paper sculptures when we were children. Yes, the flying plane or rocket we used to throw at friends is one of the easiest and simplest paper sculptures in the world. In this post we have included 20 Amazing and Brilliant bird paper sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera for your inspiration. Artist Diana is a Colombian artist and designer who believes in nature. She uses materials which are found around her everyday to...

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