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Body Painting Art by Chadwick and Spector : Based in New York City (although currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand), artistic duo Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector recreate classic works of art using the human body as the canvas. In their Museum Anatomy series, Chadwick serves as the canvas. His ability to maintain a constant pose requires incredible patience and body control. As Chadwick holds a position, Laura uses her amazing painting skills to...
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Face painting: If you go for any festival or occasion, you are bound to see a lot of face painting artists. Kids just love to get their faces painted and show off their glitters to their friends. In this post we have included 50 Mind blowing face painting designs for your inspiration. Now that summer is approaching, all schools are bound to get closed, you can join your kids for some face painting classes, which is sure to keep them engrossed for many hours, so you...
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Face Paintingby Rankin & Andrew Gallimore : Beauty is power; it has the ability transform, to captivate and to inspire. The very best beauty images do all three and together Rankin & Andrew Gallimore have created some of the most captivating beauty images in recent memory. As founder of both Dazed & Confused and Hunger magazine Rankin is a fashion household name and as a makeup artist / beauty editor Gallimore is continuously pushing the boundaries...
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Body Painting Art: In this post we have included 25 Beautiful Body Painting Art works from around the world for your inspiration. Body painting art is very popular among artists and many participate in the world body painting competition held every year. In this series you are sure to find the most inspiring and award winning body painting designs which are sure to rock your world. Prior to starting a body painting session it’s very important to have clean...
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