The landscape paintings by Feliks K (aka) Colorbyfeliks gives us a glimpse into nature. The paintings look so realistic, that we feel like taking a stroll through the forest. Feliks is a Russian artist who was born in 1990. His love for drawing and painting started during his middle school. He has more than 14+ years experience with  painting. He enjoys using acrylics for his nature painting. You can follow him on his YouTube channel for step by...
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People and their striking resemblances to the oil paintings by Damian Lechoszest is an interesting watch. These oil paintings were created by the Polish artist Damian Lechoszest. The stunning resemblances includes minute details like hair, accessories, clothes, expression and so on. When we compare the models and their striking resemblances in the oil paintings, we are all amazed. According to the artist, Damian Lechoszest “tries to discern how the...
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Check out these surreal painting artworks. Each one seems to have a unique story of their own. The artist seems to be in a dilemma whether she has to be n the present world or move on to a fantasy land. The amalgamation of the present and fantasy land is the unique factor in her paintings. The vibrant dash of colors seem to throw an aura of mystical sightings. The surrealism is creatively introduced and it kind of reminds us of Sherlock Holmes...
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These paintings are the artworks of fine art photographer, Seb Duke. To create these tunning paintings, he mixes different colored liquids together and creates little bubbles of paint, which take on stunning appearances. Once the desired look is achieved, he uses macro lens to capture the pictures and make them into art prints. The bubble painting photography can be used as wall decoratives. The colors, blending, minute details all together play a major role in...
Watercolor paintings: Grzegorz Wrobel is a Polish artist and he is brilliant with watercolor paintings. He mostly creates landscapes of beautiful places in watercolors. Grzegorz Wrobel was born in 1983, but he started painting at an young age of 12. He is also an architectural student, so most of his subjects are architecture, portraits and everyday scenes. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. His landscape watercolor paintings have an...
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Silhouette paintings: The next big thing is the silhouette paintings after silhouette photography. This artist Danielle Foye has made her silhouette paintings more interesting by adding a tinge of surrealism into it. The vibrant backdrops, the peaceful scenaries are so soul filling. To make these silhouette paintings, Danielle Foye uses Purple, black, Sky blue as the backdrop. Many say, it's difficult to understand a woman's mind. But look at Danielle's...
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These are not photographs, they are hyper realistic oil paintings by Christiane Vleugels. The artist is a photographer and painter. She takes pictures of environments, people, places and if there is an interesting composition, she sketches them by hand and converts them into oil painting on her canvas. All the years of commission work has set her on an unique oil painting track. Every new oil painting is a new experience and challenge which she enjoys. Her zeal for...
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Chinese paintings: Z Ling Shu is a chinese artist who creates these beautiful oil paintings following the traditional methods. Chinese paintings were created by the artist as a hobby, but her artwork is truly appreciated by people around the world. Z Ling Shu enjoys experimenting with colors and different styles of painting. The chinese oil paintings are mostly of an young girl enjoying her life, playing a guitar, enjoying the sunset on a beach, taking a stroll in...
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Watercolor Paintings: Viktoria Prischedko is a Russian artist and she is extremely brilliant with her watercolor paintings. She is quite popular in Russia and not much is known about her internationally. Viktoria Prischedko has completed a diploma course in Painting from Russia. After graduation, she decided watercolor paintings are her soft spot and that was her primary focus. Viktoria Prischedko uses Hahnemuhle 300lb rough paper for her water painting. First she...
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Watercolor paintings: Artist Kimberly is from Russia and her technique is watercolors. Even as a child, Kimberly had an interest for art. She is quite popular in Russia and we hope she shares more of her work internationally, so she can get more recognition for her work. Her portrait watercolor paintings are simply stunning and most of the characters are from books. The guys in her portraits look like princes and they are so damn handsome. With a little bit of...
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