3D Drawings: Stephan Moity is a self taught talented 3D artist from Paris. He creates beautiful 3D and Slant art or otherwise known as anamorphic drawings. His 3D drawings are so realistic and very well detailed, that sometimes you may feel that you are staring at the real person. You can literally feel the characters jump off the paper. His digital art mostly consists of day to day things like animals, pop culture and animation characters. He mostly uses graphite...
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color pencil drawings: Memo Espino is an artist/illustrator from Chicago. His designs are highly intricate and super realistic. He is also a tattoo artist who carves his beautiful intricate designs which are simply mind blowing. His drawing style has a lot of abstract patterns and other simple things like flowers, birds and animals. Using his expertise he creates beautiful surreal color pencil drawings which is an absolute stunner. From an early age, Memo Espino...
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Realistic Pencil drawings: Ayman Fahmy is popularly known as Aymanarts on instagram. He is a graphic designer and artist who specializes in color pencil drawings, oil paintings, water color paintings and also Gouache art. His black & white color pencil drawings of popular characters from Hollywood movies like Harry Potter, celebrity portraits, teeny tiny babies are very interesting to watch. His color pencil drawings are very much detailed and he always makes...
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Still life drawing subjects are mostly objects that don’t move and which are seen regularly in our lives. They can be a combination of vases, cups, glasses, rocks, shells, dead animals etc and pretty much anything that doesn’t have even an ounce of life in them. In this post we have included 50 Magnificent hyper realistic still life drawings for your inspiration. In still life drawings, the inanimate objects are arranged on a table with some creativity...
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Color pencil drawings: Ronald Restituyo is a self taught artist from Domnican Republic. He completed his graduation in civil engineering and continued with his passion for art. The usage of colors, lines and styles are truly awe inspiring. Most of his color pencil drawings are characters from fairytales. Baymax hugging Princess Elsa, Princess Ariel, Owl Eyes, Human eyes and so on. According to Ronald Restituyo, "I draw since I was a kid and I started painting...
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Animal pencil drawings: Kate Mur is an Russian artist who specializes in color pencil drawings. Her pencil drawings are so real, it makes you wonder if they are photographs or drawings. Her love for animals is clearly shown in her pencil drawings. Her favourite subjects are cats, dogs and horses. The light captured in the animal's eyes are so brilliantly done, they look like as if they are staring back at you. For the black cat, she used acrylic paint and color...
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Manga drawings is quite popular in Japan. Even adults love to read comics which are based on these manga characters. Manga drawings are done on paper and using the digital softwares they are given life which are then used in manga story books. Ask any Japanese little girl, they will have many stories to tell about their special manga characters. In this post we have included 50 Beautiful Manga drawings for your inspiration....
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Illustrations by The Sketching Backpacker: The sketching backpacker's original name is Robert Alejandro. The Sketching Backpacker is a book written by Robert Alejandro and narrates his 10-week backpack adventures around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Macau, Hong Kong and the Philippines, through beautiful illustrations. He loves to travel and sketch, so now you know why he has the pseudo name. Whenever he travels to a new places...
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Mural Drawings:  I have seen amazing doodles but Kerby Rosanes has taken it one step further by producing intricate doodle designs with just ink. His murals are simple amazing to the human eyes. He is just 23 years old, but people in the art community are already talking about his fantastic designs. You might be looking at a lion, but the lion is made up of so many intricate designs and you get carried away by his work. He takes on commission work and...
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Drawings on Car : An auto enthusiast’s wife did some beautiful drawing on some scratches on the bumper and since the hubby didn’t like the original silver color, he allowed to his wife to show her artistic talents and her drawings glowed when the sun was up. She covered the Nissan car with her intricate drawings, it took her 100 hours to finish the work, but the work was worth it. After drawing intricate designs, she gave many clear coats for...
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